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     You can't find peace avoiding life.      Peace and serenity, that's what I'm supposed to be looking for on this trip, aren't I? How do you find it? How do you search for the pure bliss of happiness when I have no idea where to start looking. Currently eat-pray-loving my way through Europe on a quest to seek something worth saying "I'm genuinely happy." At 8am as the church bells ding in southern France I find my brain trying to catch up on the scramble of anxiety existing in the depts of my mind. Grief, my god is it a burden. It's like a toxin that slithers through your mind interrupting your life, how rude. You know, I've always read about the confession of depression or anxiety and for years and I've tried to pin point where it all started for me. "It's a myth, it doesn't exist," like the un-cultured figure I once was. To this day, I can't write about it. I've tried, or maybe the laziness doesn't want to reg

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