A new chapter, page one of three hundred and sixty five. 

    2021 wasn't the worst year and as I reflect I know there were some memories and friendship's that will stay with me forever. I'm thankful for the people I met through the year who won't continue on in my life, who taught me a lesson and gave me the courage to let go. Letting go is the equivalent of dying; aside from the fact that the people you're moving on from are still breathing. You no longer have a reason to call them, lean on them, and one day they just vanish from your life. I hold onto friendships and relationships where I can see the potential of a lifetime. This year is going to be about working on my mental health and the adventure I crave everyday. To continuously search for kindness and humility within myself. Joy is the hardest thing to find when you aren't looking for it. So, here's to a year about me myself and I. Selfishly focusing on my happiness and embracing the people who add value to my life. "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 2022." 

In light of new years resolutions I decided to do things a little differently. Fifty-Two things to make each week this year a memory. Some may be a little cheesy but hey, it's a start and I'll do my best to write about them all.  

1. Create a bucket list 

2. Go skating

3. Go to dinner alone

4. Go to a movie alone 

5. Go on a trip alone

6. Donate blood

7. Go to a festival

8. Volunteer somewhere

9. No cell phone for an entire day

10. Delete social media for a week

11. Get a tattoo

12. Cook a five course meal

13. Go paddle boarding

14. Go cliff jumping

15. Go Skydiving in B.C

16. Go on a road trip with no itinerary 

17. Go snowboarding

18. Go to a drive in movie

19. Write a letter to myself to read in 10 years. 

20. Actually say yes to go on a legitimate date

21. Read ten books

22. Learn to play piano

23. Say yes for an entire day

24. Book a family photo session with Molly

25. Go to a concert

26. Go skinny dipping

27. Go rock climbing

28. Go back to church

29. Go on a camping trip

30. Go to Disney world

31. 30 Day yoga challenge

32. Pay for a strangers meal

33. Summit five mountains in one month

34. Write and record a song

35. Take myself on a date 

36. Watch a Blue Jays game 

37. Help someone

38. Go to Norquay tubing hill 

39. See the Moraine lake sunrise 

40. Watch the Northern lights

41. Visit the skywalk in Jasper

42. Go boating / lake day

43. Float down the river

44. Stay awake for 24 hours

45. Go mini-golfing 

46. Build a doghouse 

47. Buy flowers for a stranger 

48. Take a class

49. Face a fear 

50. Embrace therapy 

51. Host a game night 

52. Lastly, fall in love with myself. 


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